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treeIn the relative vicinity of Pag there are 5 national parks of exceptionally beauty, from which each is specfic and special. Therefore during arrival, departure or your stay, we recommend you to visit:

  •    National park Paklenica - 65km from Pag, therefore the nearest national park. It offers walks in the fresh air and easy rock climbing.
  •    Velebit (Nature park) - 80km from Pag, it will fascinate you with the fresh air and sights over the Adriatic coast and islands from above.
  •    National park Kornati - 48km from Pag, with boat trip which you surely will never forget. Certainly the most beautiful islands on Adriatic sea that will stay engraved in your memory.
  •    National park Krka - 117km from Pag, with one of the most beautiful waterfall.
  •    National park Plitvice lakes - 175km from Pag, we specially recommend you to visit it on the arrival or departure from the Island. Plitvice will charm you with their beauty and clarity.

In addition to the national parks during your vacation on the island of Pag, you can also enjoy day trips to nearby islands such as the island of Rab or Silba. A good way to discover the beauty of the coast of the island of Pag is a yacht charter in Zadar marina.


For those who love mystique and seek for extraterrestrial, it's obligatory to visit rocky area known as Pag triangle - straight surface of pound rock shaped in perfect triangle of which there is the gossip that it is the result of extraterrestrial actions.

canyonFor short trips, Pag offers lots of beaches far away from urban areas, ideal for enjoying the peace and quiet. Specially, we recommend to visit Pag brigde and to swimm underneath in crystal clear sea, beach near Metajna - Kanjon, and the northest point of Island near the little place called Tovarnele. For boat trips we recommend beaches in Pag seadoors, as well as through the whole coastline of Pag.