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zrce Island of Pag is the island of entertainment. Everybody who wants to have fun must visit Zrče. With reason, Zrče became gathering spot of young people and everybody who feels young. It is situated on isolated area which allows loud music and wild night life. Island climate and huge sandy beach in the midst of nowhere are specific elements that attract people to come not only for the weekend but even more often. zrceIn any time of the day Zrče is always fun and full of people. During the day they enjoy the sun and the sea, and when the night comes, beach becomes a huge disco club. Without exaggeration, Zrče lives 24 hours a day.
From the town of Pag, Zrče is only 15-20 minutes away by car.

clubFor those who don't like to "drink and drive", but to stay in town, there is Olympico center. By day it offers all kind of sport activities, and by night coctails and other beverages, music and good atmosphere. Besides Olympico there is disco bar 5th magazin situated in former salt magazines, and Vanga club. In the town center there are lots of bars that work late at night. On main beach you can often hear sounds of song along with the guitar.

aquaganFor those who want more peaceful type of fun, walking through old part of the town can be also nice and exciting. On the promenade there are lots of stands with all kind of sea stuff and authentical Pag souvenirs. Also you can come across "klapa" singing ("klapa" is a group of male or female singers who sing in a special way, typical for Dalmatia) along the town. If it is the day when waterpolo club Pag plays as hosts, you can enjoy watching the game. And if you simply want to sit on the coast or by the sea and drink something refreshing it is also possible!
restaurantFinally, after a hot summer day, sipping local wine in tavernas hidden in small town lanes and fresh basements is great pleasure.