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The things that make island of Pag so special are people, sheeps and sea.
Pag lacePeople, because for ages they make traditional and unique Pag's lace. It is the most authentical and beautiful souvenir made with the hands of Pag's lacers. Everyday you can see the intimate sight of making pag's lace only by walking through the narrow streets.
Also, there are Benedictine nuns in St. Margarite monastery that bake aromatic thin biscuites with a specific taste called Baškotin. Among 9 protected authentic nutritional products from Croatia there are Baškotin and Pag's cheese (unique cooperation of people and sheeps).

Sheeps make this island interesting because from their milk well-known Pag's cheese is being produced - which is specific by its quality and taste. Then, there is Pag's lamb that you should taste first and then talk about it... With it other gastronomic specialities go well, such as domestic white wine, brandy called "travarica", and "prošek"...

Pag cheeseNear the town there are salt production facilities - Paška Solana, with its authentical basins for salt production. Salt is produced in old way by draining the sea water in the basins.

salt production, Pag

Close to the Wind rose apartments there is one great treasure: tested and proved curative mud called Lokunja. It is situated in area of shallow sea with the healthy mud on its seabed. This natural richness is used for medical treatment of reumatic pain and various dermatological diseases. Mud should be applied on hurt area and should dry up. After that the mud is taken off by simply getting into seawater.

town PagDuring the summer, traditional summer carnival is taking place in town. The brass band plays traditional music - the whole town under masks plays the famous carnival wheel dance - Paško kolo. At that time the town is crowded, main town square - Pijaca, gets into shape of big cycle with lots of small cycles in the middle...and the whole town dances! Rhythm is simple so tourists are thrilled to participate in the dance.
At the same time Pag has other cultural manifestations like the famous " Pag Summer Festival" which gathers musicians from Croatia and all over the world.

town Pag