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Pag is one Island, on the first sight very simple - only sea and rocks....bathed with lots of sun. Bora always makes it interesting, when the sky becomes perfectly clear and clean. This island is very long and has one of the most indented coast in Adriatic with beautiful clean sandy beaches (almost 20 km!). There is plenty of space for everyone...there are crowdy and noisy beaches with lots of moving, young people and fun, and on the other hand there are isolated beaches where you can relax and enjoy the solitude.
PagThere are lot's of interesting places on this island but the most attractive charm is hidden in its center - town of Pag.

Juraj DalmatinacDuring its history, Pag has had various rises and falls that made him special and through which it gained plenty of its traditional customs. Its name - Pag, comes from the latin word "pagus" that means wellspring, because of many wellsprings of potible water in Pag basin. For the first time Pag, as town, has been mentioned in 10th century in which the town walls were built. In 14th century, under watchfull eye of Juraj the Dalmatian, famous sculpturist and architecturist of its time, characteristic architecture of town and streets was set up...and our recommendation is to watch it in the evening from close distance...

Evenings are especially nice for:
- taking a walk through the town - for some liveliness before going to sleep, or for some fun before going out...
- hiding on the beaches with sight that you cannot see in the town... wonderful astral sky.

town Pag